hese acoustical foam sound absorbers are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from Recording and Broadcast Studios to Commercial and Industrial Facilities. Available in Polyurethane or in a Class 1 Fire Rated foam. These products can be applied directly to walls, hung as baffles or used as freestanding absorbers.

Other Foams Don't Stack Up!
Cutting Wedge 2000® Stackable Foam Cutting Wedge® Classic
The Cutting Wedge 2000® design enables you to increase thickness quickly by nesting layers instead of buying incompatible products.

Acoustic Foam - Studio Sound Treatment Tiles and Bass Traps

Selected Pro Acoustic products are now for sale on Amazon UK. Please note items purchased from amazon may have added postage costs on top of the prices shown in the amazon product links below. However we do realize that existing amazon customers may prefer to use the amazon shopping cart to buy goods. So listed below are links to some of the products. In addition on the product pages on this site we have also included an amazon link to the same product.

We do try and keep the prices in line however on very price sensitive products you may find them cheaper on this website www.acoustic-foam.co.uk

Pro acoustic manufacture. And distribute a large variety of acoustic foam products. For both the amateur and professional music enthusiasts. Our products are designed to acoustically enhance your listening environment.

The pro acoustic range of acoustic foam products. Designed to enhance your rooms sound response. By using acoustic treatment, you will be able to control the sound within your room. By cutting down on unwanted frequencies. Allowing your room to exhibit a better frequency response. And so giving better acoustics. Whether it is for recording. mixing or listening. the right use of acoustic treatment is essential. We have supplied our acoustic treatment products to thousands of individuals, and hundreds of recording studios. As well as having our products featured and used on MTV.

Traditional Foam Patterns
Standard patterns include Wedge, Pyramid, Max Wedge for low frequency absorption, Ceiling Baffles, Bermuda Triangle Traps for corners, Sounds Cylinders free standing absorbers, the 1014 AcoustiKit™ and more.
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FireFlex™ Class 1 Fire Rated Acoustical Foam
FireFlex Foam Absorbers are lightweight open cell foams used when a Class 1 fire rated foam is required. Standard patterns include Wedge, Pyramid, Max Wedge, Ceiling Baffles and more. These can easily mount to walls or ceilings.
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Custom Made Large Anechoic Wedges Anechoic Wedges
Designed for controlling low frequency sound, these custom manufactured, large foam wedges are used to create acoustic test chambers with no sound reflections.